Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Works in Progress

Often I get asked.... what paintings are you currently working on? Here recently I have had a lot of inquiries as to what will be the next painting in my Masquerades of Thy Night Series and will there be anymore Alice in Wonderland Paintings. So to answer these questions I thought I would share some of my paintings in progress and what lies ahead.
First... I am currently working on 3 paintings. The first is the next installment to my Masquerade Series. It's featuring a woman masked in the physicians mask.. the Medicao Della Peste. My 2nd painting is a dark piece featuring a naked, masked, winged woman with tribal tattoos/markings, possibly shackled... not sure yet. She's squatting down before a black swan. What's this painting portraying? In my eyes... the tattoos are the marking of what she longs to become. Her wings are there for her to be able to finally fly and become what she so longs to be. She is looking away from the beast that she is and the mask is what everyone sees but is not really her.
The third painting that I am working on is my version of the Mad Hatter Tea Party.
You are probably wondering why I work on more than one painting at a time.
I paint according to my mood for the day and which canvas is craving for my attention. I paint how I feel.
When I step across the threshold of my studio I immediately know which painting I will work on. I grab my ipod, put on my head phones, select a song, add paint to my palette and get lost in my own world.


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