Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Enchanting Art of Karen Talnagi

Mystical, whimsical and enchanting are words that come to mind when describing Karen Talnagi's Art... SEEING ANGELS.

Before I talk more about her creations... Here is Karen's Bio-

I have been surrounded by art my entire life, my grandfather was a professional artist. Most of my mothers family were artists, but my love of fantasy art was discouraged by the adults around me. Even as an art major in college I was pushed toward the more conventional graphic arts work. I had always had these little creatures and characters running around in my head, even as a child. Once marriage and kids came along it was very hard to find the time or the medium to express all these wonderful little elementals properly. Now that all the kids are in school full time and the wonderful world of polymer clay has found it's way into my life they are all scrambling to be brought to life.
Since I started sculpting a year ago I have been very fortunate, selling to collectors all over the world. I feel so lucky to finally be able to do what I was meant to do all along.

Her scupltures are unique and just simply adorable to say the least. Each has their own persoanlity and that certain magical twinkle in their eyes ... that just make you fall in love with them!

I highly recommend you take a moment out of your day and visit Karen's SEEING ANGELS. You will be delighted you did.

Have an enchanting day!
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