Sunday, May 15, 2011


A funny lil story.....

While at my easel today, my girlfriend calls..... to  catch me up on  all the juicy weekend gossip.  While  chatting.... she asks me.... " What  was that scream?"  I  laugh and  say  just a movie I am listening to  while painting.  She laughs backs and  says  "Oh no not another one of  YOUR movie choices?"

My reply.... "My movie choices (laughing)   My movies are not  bad?"  She inquired "So what  block buster is it this time?"   

"Black X-mas".... (Giggling)

She replies... " Oh yes, the slash'em up horror movie..... GREAT CHOICE!!!!  What another academy award winner!

My response..." Ok  so it's not an academy award winner( that is for sure)  however it is inspirational!"


"Of course...... I  needed to be in a different mindset for  painting today.. then the norm."

She replied... " The norm,  there is  NO norm in your mind. You so need help!" LOL

I  have to agree with her on that one there is no norm for me.... but I am an artist! Artists  are not "normal" anyway. LOL

I  am  asked quite often as to  what inspires me....  my answer....
Anything really. From my dreams or nightmares, a song or a  b  rated movie ( ok maybe Black Xmas is more like a d rated movie),  a bird  to rain gently  falling on my rooftop..... the world is my inspiration.


Siren New Painting

Hi everyone!
Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Today, I have a new painting to share with you... . Introducing my original acrylic painting titled SIREN SONGS! Measuring  12" x 24", I created this  work of art on a 3/4" thick cradled wood panel for the upcoming issue of  the Scarlet Literary Magazine.  I was thrilled to have been asked to  create the  cover art... and  am super pleased with the end results of my piece.
Normally  I  am a very vivid and colorful painter but I  took a different approach on this serene yet haunting  piece. 
A beautiful  and elegant siren  playing her nautilus shelled lyre lures in a ship and passengers  from the fog to their death.

I am currently working on  another cover art for this magazine.... this time the piece will be more  hauntingly dark and mysterious... with the  theme  being Odes To The Moon.  I can't wait to share with you the final piece.

Well all for now.... Stay  tune  for more original paintings and exciting news.....

Have an enchanting day!

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