Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sitting in the  theater, the  delicious  smell of  popcorn swirls thru the  air. The light  crunching  of those irresistible fluffy white kernels of yummy goodness  can be heard  as the  lights  dim and  the  screen opens.

The  camera rolls  and  movie  begins.. ACTION.

Movies... We are addicted to the images. Those that cry to  touch us....Those that bring us  tears of  laughter  and  those memorable  images that will be etched into our  mind, heart and soul.

Today, I  have  been  busy creating new  line art for my digital stamps, that will be available only at the Scrapbook Stamp Society. They   will capture my version  of some of my  favorite moments  from the movies. Enjoy  the  sneak peek of my Lil Starlet Ragamuffins.


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