Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Since I was old enough to  hold a crayon  and pencil.... I have been  drawing and coloring.  As the years passed  my artistic skills and talent have become more refined and I  have  been a professional artist for over  two decades.  This is  something I  love. It's my  passion.  I  always  have  said I am  the happiest  when I  paint and  it's   so true. Painting  is my heart and soul.  Once I  have finished a painting  or a commissioned mural, its  such a  joy to  see the  world, my  fans and clients' faces and hearts light up, as they enjoy  their  new masterpiece so. It's  such an  unbelievable feeling.... truly no words  can  describe.

Not a day  goes by without me creating. Whether it  be  simple  sketching, illustration work or painting.  For me being  an artist.... is about creating. Getting  your  hands   into that paint   and letting  your imagination loose and  create original masterpieces.

Original works of  art is  what professional artist do.  Like myself.... I   create  original  pieces from  my dreams, my surroundings, nature, music etc that  inspire me or  stir something  deep inside my soul that longs to have  me paint it and  breath life into.    Most  artists, like myself do this.... however in this day and age.... more and more  want to be wannabe artists   are  being highly inspired, to the point of  copying even tracing,  professional artist's original  work.  It's  sad when this happens. Due to their own  lack  of creativity these succubi  infringe on other  artist's territories, stealing their  ideas and  calling it their own  original work. It's  sad that these so  called wannabes  have to  stoop to this level to  try to make a buck.

What's even  worse is when an artist, and I have one in particular, who is  so infatuated with me that literally stalks me.  This  unprofessional  so  called artist , instead of enjoying the world of painting and creating  their own original ideas.... only  can  copy my artwork, my ideas, coloring schemes, logo/branding and copy my facebook postings/descriptions. Any product I  create  is created by this someone 4-5  days later.  I literally  can  not  make a  move  without this  person following me.  This  person  is  a stalker and  a copyist. Nothing  more.  These  are the  kind of individuals who give art a  bad name. I am not the only professional  artist this  wannabe  has infringed  upon.   If this  person   spent more time creating their own  original art  instead of stalking and  stealing from other artists... they might actually  accomplish  something worthwhile.

I  look at  this wannabe and shake my head in utter disgust.  But at the  same time, I also have to  say  that since this person is  so  in awe of me, then I  should  thank them,  for imitation is the  most sincerest  form of  flattery. After all a person only  copies the  best.

Until next time .... now off to my studio to  create more original art....


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